Here are some images of samples and/or jobs recently completed for customers. Please take note, that out of respect for our existing customer's and their loved ones, we do not publish images of Gravestones / Tombstones without the prior consent of customers. Photo-realistic images are engraved onto any granite surface - it is recommended that BLACK GRANITE be used for this engraving to ensure optimum clarity and quality of the image on the stone. The prospective client supplies us with the image, whether in digital or print medium, and it is then edited and touched up to enhance image quality. It is then mechanically engraved onto any DARK BLACK granite surface that you may require. IT CAN BE DIRECTLY ENGRAVED onto tombstones / headstones and another alternative of engraving onto granite tile (which is supplied by us) is available to clients whom have already erected the headstones / tombstones at the cemetary. Image sizes for engraving vary between 150mm x 100mm AND 600mm x 560mm. For any other alternative sizing that may be required, please do not hesistate to contact us for a quotation. Prices can be found under "PRICE LISTS --> GRANITE ENGRAVING"

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